Dulwich Construction Limited, (DCL) is Nigeria’s newest developer of housing, retail and commercial properties.
DCL was formed to meet the chronic shortage of housing, retail and commercial properties in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general.
A group of honest Nigerians mostly resident abroad over many decades have decided that it is time we contribute our widow’s mite to the development of Africa particularly Nigeria instead of remaining armchair critic of lack of development in Africa.
This led to the formation of Dulwich Construction Limited (DCL) in Nigeria. DCL will initially focus on Housing, Retail and Commercial developments and may go into infrastructural developments in later years.
DCL will design and build new properties with the customer in mind; whether the customer is buying their first house, or needs something larger or better located, or shopping mall or office complex. DCL’s designs and floor plans are sure to meet the needs of most contemporary Nigerian needs.
Each new development will be built with an unwavering commitment to quality and a disciplined approach to construction. In the coming years, we will create new standard of developments that are at once livable, affordable and enduring.
DCL will employ an eco-friendly design that leverages many of today’s cutting-edge materials and technologies to meet high standard of sustainability.
Where necessary DCL would partner with governments, other construction and engineering firms to achieve its vision. It would also source for funds from banks and other financial institutions at the cheapest interest rate possible so as to make its developments, especially housing affordable to as many people as possible.